About GFE Model Services

About GFE Model Services

We're focused on development, design and revenue growth.

We're hired by Models, Influencers, Brands and Companies to create exciting experiences and meaningful
revenue streams through branding and design, merchandise, and subscriptions.

GFE Model Services facilitates and benefits creators by creating a one-stop shop for their brand. We design managed, yet fully-owned and operated websites that function as independent platforms, with the added benefit of maximizing profits while minimizing the time and technical experience necessary for security and maintenance.

2024 Premium Calendars
Fangear Branded Merchandise
The Influencer Magazine
Web Design & Development

In terms of physical goods, there is no replacing the fan experience of sipping coffee from a mug, sporting a t-shirt, fanning out poker cards or flipping through calendars, coffee table books and custom magazines emblazoned with high-quality visuals featuring their favorite creators. After all, physical collectibles have been around for centuries, and will continue to be popular even if we one day spend hours upon hours in a digital metaverse.

Having a custom-built online storefront in the form of a .com destination not tied to a third-party platform also empowers performers in many ways, not only driving traffic to those very same third-party platforms, but also enriching their lives with opportunities to be creative and offer fans a home base of sorts.

GFE remains extremely active in site design, despite it being a completely different market from physical goods and collectibles. We have developed sites for Sophie Dee, Kendra Sunderland and Nikki Benz, as well as Mandy Sacs, Ava Addams, Kayley Gunner and hundreds of other models.

Website development and design is not rocket science and shouldn’t come with a rocket science price tag, but often when a designer hears a major star like Tanya Tate or Kenzie Anne needs a site, they hit them with a $10,000 price tag, which is total bull. The price of a web design project should not be based on the size of the client's wallet.

We see website design as revolving around creativity, staying up to date and keeping it real with prices, while offering true collaboration with the model. Then, we make it a point to be there for our clients when they need modifications or have questions. You can ask any model: when they need us, we're there for them day or night, weekend or holiday. They call and we respond, whether they’re Nikki Benz, Sophie Dee, Ava Addams, or a complete newbie.

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