Common Questions

This panel provides help with the most common questions about GFE Model Services and our services.

If you are unsure about any part of our process, products or services, please contact us or feel free to text or call us at 323-590-2317 between 7:00am and 7:00pm pst.

While we are a top-ranked model resource, we also create projects for just about any profession or business. For example, eCommerce sites or sites for doctors, lawyers, and circus performers.

We develop custom platforms, integrated API's, subscription and membership suites and a full slate of development and design tools, features, and functions.

Not sure if we work in your industry? Just drop us a line to schedule a call or zoom meeting - let's talk about it.

We don't offer a one size fit all design menu. Our design fees vary based on your project needs. Typically, most simple sites would be in the $1000 range while sites requiring a subscription platform or member's area would obviously include some added expenses. A simple video clip ecommerce site is generally a $1500 expense.

Before you make a decision, get a few quotes, TALK to the designer (not just the salesperson), and carefully compare experience level, past projects and clients, price and most of all compatibility - it's hard to work with someone you don't like.

From phone cases to novelties, mugs & more, we provide a complete, Branded Merchandise Solution to help you expand your brand. Getting on the Fangear.vip gear platform is 100% free to you. (Only Calendars, magazines and Coffee Table Books require up front fees for printing)

  • You Provide us with 25 to 30 LARGE photos (include your most popular IG pics)
  • We will design a complete line of Branded Products (each product features up to 6 designs)
  • We provide merchandise design and dedicated sales channels
  • We handle all payment processing, customer service, packaging and shipping
  • You retain 100% of the profits.
You can register here: https://fangear.vip/get-fangear
YES, you can order Branded Merchandise for yourself or for your company by accessing our wholesale product site.

We are not a traditional model management agency in that we do not solicit modeling assignments, sponsorships or other typical management duties - therefore we do not require a % of a model's earnings. We act more like a consultant / sounding board to help our clients make sound and practical decisions.

By not charging a commission on a client's earnings, we can help our clients navigate towards decisions that are best for them, not toward decisions that pay us.

No we don't. But we have excellent relationships with Social Media mangers and Premium account Managers.

Please Note: we don't recommend people or companies lightly as any recommendation from us directly impacts our own credibility.

If you look at our model roster, you will quickly realize that we work with some of them mot successful and recognizable Influencers on the Internet. They work with us because we've cultivated a relationship with them based on action, trust, and results. They work with us because we're fair, because we make ourselves available to them at all times and because we do things the right way. Accordingly, we make it a point to only partner with, or recommend companies that share our business ethics. Our clients trust us, because we never give them any reason not to. It's that simple.

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